July 16th, 2014

Elf’s Many Things About Angel - There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

* Okay, Lorne being beheaded is disturbing. Lorne speaking while beheaded is worse.

* Really a pretty damned unfriendly world here… Can’t blame Lorne for wanting to get out.

* Fred’s pretty damned amazing, really. Not only did she stay alive, but despite a little mental break, she managed to keep most of her faculties.

* Love them trying to change the way Pylea works. Too bad it probably won’t take…

* Gruselog and Cordy’s visions—too bad she doesn’t recognize Angel’s changed form on this world…

* Angel vs Grue. This will not end too well.

* I do love that Grue’s so smitten by Cordy, though. Too bad it only makes him fight harder with Angel.

Elf’s Many Things About Angel - Through the Looking Glass

So behind on these. Sorry about that, folks. In the middle of a move. Very stressful. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

* Queen Cordy. I should say here that I goofed the day we watched these, and we watched the beginning of the next episode for a few minutes before we realized we’d missed one, but I do find it interesting that both start with her. :)

* It’s cute, seeing Angel reacting to his reflection. He’s so vain…

* Lorne’s family. No wonder he was so very eager to go back…

* And the hint—Wolf, Ram, and Hart.

* Yeah, Asking Angel to kill anyone is a bad idea. But asking him to kill Fred? Not going to happen. Okay, granted, he doesn’t know her yet, but still…

* Fred’s cave. Poor thing. All alone like this that whole time…

* Scary, the difference between a vampire on earth and a vampire on Pylea.

* And we hear about and finally meet the Gruselog. Hehe. Definitely an unexpected pleasure—for Cordy.

June 15th, 2014

Spoiling the Spinoff

2.22-There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

*All right, here we go…

*Oh, poor Lorne…wait, what???

*Um, ew? Did I need to see that guy’s head explode? I don’t think so.

*Hahahhahaha, Gunn in the arms of baby Jesus.

*Rewatching Lost right now, and Fred sort of reminds me of Danielle, the French woman.

*Wow, Fred is really an interesting character. I find her very intriguing.

*Poor Lorne’s head being smacked into the wall…twice!

*I like Cordy seeing the value of her visions and wanting to keep them. It’s a big moment for her.

*If only Wes’s father could see him now, the leader of a rebel slave group.

*Interesting to see Wes truly stepping up into a position of leadership. A lot of character growth in this storyline.

*Yay! Cordy beheaded the baddie and saved herself! Go girl power!

*Willow? Oh yeah, I forgot Buffy died…Wow, what an ending! What a storyline! Great season. I feel like this group has come a long way from where they were at the start of this season. Good job, Joss and co.!

Spoiling the Spinoff

*Glad to see Cordy really enjoying her princess status. She finally made it…!

*Angel, don’t worry, your hair is fine. Trust me.

*Lorne’s…uh…mom, is quite lovely…or something.

*The dance of joy, hilarious! This makes me want to watch Perfect Strangers again.

*Wolf, ram, and hart…oh noes! This is not good!

*Watching Angel get hoisted up in the town and treated like a saint, I say to Elf, “We gotta go to the crappy town where I’m a hero!” and she made me write that down.

*This should be subtitled as The Double Entendre episode. Shakespeare would be so proud.

*All-demon Angel is no bueno…

*I can see why Cordy’s suddenly interested in the mating ritual…

*Things aren’t going well, are they? That is not ok to behead Lorne!!

*Let’s see how they can get out of this and wrap up the season in just one more episode…

It’s Vacation Time!!

Summer is fast approaching, both Elf and I have real life stuff we need to deal with, and we’ve just finished Angel, season two. All of this adds up to a much needed Spoilers break for us. We will still do a Top Ten Quotes post for this past season, to be done at some future date, but we will probably not return until late August or early September at the soonest. We hope you’ll have a wonderful summer holiday and we’ll get back to spoiling shows as soon as possible!!

-Foodie and Elf

June 14th, 2014

Fred: Are you sure about that?
Cordelia: Trust me. Tacos everywhere. And… soap.


Cordelia: Do you mind if I hit him over the head with you?
Lorne: Yes!


Lorne’s Mom: Numfar, do the dance of shame!


Lorne: I realize this is a bit of a shock, but I can explain. Take it easy. Okay, get it out of your system. That’s good. You have to breathe sometime. Good lord, shut up, woman!


Gunn: I’ve got a plan.
Wesley: Oh, thank God! What is it?
Gunn: We die horribly and painfully, you go to Hell and I spend eternity in the arms of baby Jesus.
Wesley: Oh.

Lorne: See there? She had a vision. That explains it.
Gunn: It does?
Lorne: Well, see, there’s this prophecy…
Angel: A prophecy. Great. Because those always go well…


Lorne’s Mom: Each morning before I feed, I go out into the hills where the ground is thorny and parched, beat my breast and curse the loins that gave birth to such a cretinous boy-child.
Lorne: My mother!
Lorne’s Mom: Your father was right, we ate the wrong son.


Cordelia: If you ever figure out how to get us out of here I want you to find me a dimension where some demon doesn’t want to impregnate me with its spawn. Is that just too much to ask? What is it about me anyway? Do I put out some kind of Comshok me vibe? I mean you’d tell me right?


Lorne: Well, you’re just a regular Hans Christian Tarantino, aren’t you?

Elf’s Many Things About Angel - Over the Rainbow

* Cordelia alone in Lorne’s dimension. Not good.

* Figuring out how the portals work. Research time!

* Finding a way for them all to travel together so they’re not separated. I like this little detail. And I love their choice.

* Gunn bowing out is hard. But not unexpected. I do love that he comes back to go with them in the end, but it definitely seals him to the group and abandons Gunn’s.

* Slavery on Pylea.

* Fred didn’t get a whole lot in this episode, but I liked that she and Cordy got to speak.

* I’d forgotten about Wolfram and Hart trying to get Angel and co kicked out of the hotel.

* And, of course, Cordy changes the rules on the Pyleans.

* The book itself seems to be the portal on this side. Since it can’t go with them. I can’t remember how they get back home.

* Ah, yes. The rules of another universe. Means Angel’s not in danger of bursting into flame here.

* And Cordy the Queen. Definitely a fun note to end on. I’ve been waiting for this moment since we first began watching, because I knew Foodie would love it, given how much she loves Cordy.

Elf’s Many Things About Angel - Belonging

* Angel’s nervous reaction to being out in public is kind of cute.

* Too bad things went so badly wrong there. Was a nice evening until everything went pear-shaped.

* Poor Wes. His dad is a serious annoyance. Nothing new in this verse, of course…

* Whee! The sexism of Hollywood. :P

* Oooh, Portal time. :D Looking forward to this storyline.

* Cordy’s acting dream.

* Yay! Fred! :D

* You can definitely see Gunn’s little group falling apart. At least, they’re definitely moving away from him.

* Gee, Lorne. You don’t look too happy. I wonder why.

* And there goes Cordy…

June 9th, 2014

Spoiling the Spinoff

2.20-Over the Rainbow

*So that’s where Oz ended up…hahhahaha

*Interesting, Lorne came through the portal when Fred read the book. That’s my guess.

*Over the course of the season, we’ve seen Cordy getting really defensive of Angel and terribly hurt by him. Now we are seeing Angel becoming more and more attached to her, without really even realizing it. He’s nearly obsessed with the idea of finding her and bringing her back.

*It’s Jinn! Except he’s a Wolfram and Hart man now…

*I’m getting Firefly vibes in this episode. Fred’s kind of River-like and the villagers want to skewer Cordy for her visions the way the villagers wanted to burn River and Simon.

*Yay! Gunn came back! Elf and I had assumed Angel’s message was to Buffy, but we were very wrong apparently.

*I’m sure nothing bad will come of the book remaining behind…

*AAAAHHHHH!!!! Joss, you got me! That was a good fake out, making us think Cordy was doomed when clearly she is not! Sigh…and that is why you are the master.